With so many options available, here is a breakdown 

of our equipment and it's effects


 What we offer:


Personal training:

 Well known for providing a fun environment for your personal training session, whilst getting the results you want. Whether your goals are to; loose weight, change your body shape, improve your strength & fitness levels, or recover from an injury & to help relieve some of the stresses of life.

 Ab solo machine:





 This machine strengthens & conditions the
oblique & lower back muscles, tones the entire
upper body including shoulders & chest, all whilst providing
  fat burning cardiovascular benefits.







 Massage power plates:


 We have a vibration power plate, these machines
will help you tone
up, accelerate weight loss,
balance & co-ordination & flexibility.
It is a fantastic way to improve your health & wellbeing.






 Motorised fitness suit:



With nine machines to choose from there is a
variety of workout options. Safe for almost
including those with disabilities 
(with suitable support), 
mobility issues, new
comers to fitness, experienced 
gym goers,
mature clients and everyone in 
between. Here for
which are each machine targets.





Cardio machines:


Including; treadmills, static
bikes, cross trainers & rowing machines.
Every one of
these machines is simply
great for burning calories & improving
your fitness levels.







Resistance and weight training studio: 


Comprising of a 
smith machine, cable
machine, matrix dip & chin,
 chest, leg 
press & extension station and
free weights. 
They are perfect for toning &
building muscle.